Welcome to Spiroglass – Unique Stained Glass Garden Art!


Hello! My name is Jo Cuffley. I am the Stained Glass Artist who has come up with the idea of Spiroglass.

I was a graphic designer until I decided to try my hand at stained glass around 20 years ago.

I have always loved shapes and colours and I enjoy getting my hands dirty.  By combing this love with getting involved in glass and metal, stained glass seemed to be a natural move.

I now run a successful stained glass practice in the Midlands and travel to all parts of the United Kingdom for stained glass commissions and repairs. I also run a number of stained glass courses.

You probably love your garden? I know I do! You probably enjoy trying new and exciting things in it? Sculptures, ponds, fountains or decorative borders?

Then you are ready for our Stained Glass Garden Art!

Spiroglass - Blue - Rain

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The initial concept for Spiroglass came from the geometric drawing toy of the 1960s called Spirograph. I love the geometric lines that produce mathematical roulette curves that are referred to as hypotrochoids and epitrochoids. Once I have had a good play with my Spirograph I magnify a section and make the corresponding stained glass panel for your garden. Look closely and you will see that the lead inside the panel has a slight curve.

The initial drawings for Spiroglass

Spiroglass will provide a contemporary way to combine art and design into your garden and look great when the sun hits them! They will bring areas of your garden to life that you never thought possible. Spiroglass look amazing in the snow and when the rain falls. There is nothing more magical than when the moonlight shines through the glass.

Spiroglass looks great in your garden

Each Spiroglass is unique! We are able to find exciting and interesting pieces of glass for our installations. Spiroglass is 100% handmade at our studio in Derbyshire using only the best materials. All Spiroglass are made using coloured glass, lead and solder.  Various material is used for the surrounds. They are frost and rain proof.

Examples of our Unique Stained Glass Garden Art.

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